Matthew Brett - the web pagesΒΆ

These are my personal web pages.

I work at the Berkeley brain imaging center (BIC).

I used to work on functional imaging of movement.

Later I worked on some aspects of functional imaging methodology.

At the moment I am helping to write new software in Python for analyzing functional and diffusion imaging data. This is the nipy community project. I personally work a lot on nibabel as well as the nipy package and dipy.

I sometimes write about the nipy experience in the nipy blog.

Most of the code I work on is at matthew-brett github.

Like many other people, I am starting to explore ways of explaining technical ideas using code and formulae, using, amonng other things, the IPython notebook. See my tutorials for recent efforts.

I worry about the current state of brain imaging research, and I wrote a manifesto about teaching as a means to higher quality in science.

Many of my tutorials on imaging and statistics are on my tutorials. I have more tutorials about coding at pydagogue. The coding tutorial I like the most is an introduction to git concepts called curious git.

I try to keep my list of publications up to date. Please let me know if I’ve missed something off or you need a copy of one of the listed papers.

No doubt you want to know what I look like and how to find me - good news - see About me.

Maybe you want to know how I built these pages - About this site.