Matthew Brett - the web pages

These are my personal web pages, but, as befits my age, they are mostly about work.

As of July 2017, I am a lecturer at Birmingham University College of Life and Environmental Sciences. My job is to review data analysis and statistics teaching in the life sciences, and to develop new undergraduate classes with a stronger emphasis on data exploration and computing. I hope to find ways of teaching the next generation of researchers to be more flexible, accurate and effective in analyzing the kinds of data generated by modern research.

Before starting in Birmingham, I was working at the Berkeley Brain Imaging Center (BIC).

My own research interests are:

I have also written – and continue to write – open source software. I used to write most of my software in MATLAB, but now I use Python almost exclusively. For the last 12 years or so, I have been working on Python software for analyzing functional and diffusion imaging data. This is the nipy community project. I personally work a lot on nibabel as well as the nipy package and dipy.

Most of the code I work on is at matthew-brett github.

Like many other people, I have been exploring ways of explaining technical ideas using code and formulae, using, among other things, the Jupyter notebook. See my tutorials for a list of my tutorials on various topics including mathematics, statistics, brain imaging and computing. I have more tutorials about coding at my Pydagogue page. The coding tutorial I like the most is an introduction to concepts of the Git version control system, called curious git.

I worry about the current state of brain imaging research, and I wrote a manifesto about teaching as a means to higher quality in science.

I try to keep my list of publications up to date. Please let me know if I’ve missed something off or you need a copy of one of the listed papers.

No doubt you want to know what I look like and how to find me - good news - see About me.

Maybe you want to know how I built these pages - About this site.